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 Fan Fiction Rules

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PostSubject: Fan Fiction Rules   4th October 2009, 5:07 pm

I decided to add this forum because I know writing fan fiction is fun...and who doesn't love some good Twilight related fiction to read? The books just weren't enough Wink

I do have a few rules that I would like to specify and I will be overlooking this thread as well as my other helpers to make sure these rules are followed.

1. ALL stories must be PG-13 or below.

2. ALL stories must NOT be offensive. This includes any cracks at sexuality, racism, etc.

3. These must be CHARACTER real life stories. At least, not for right now. I don't want to make Kiowa or any other Twilight cast member too uncomfortable by writing fan fictions based on them. But since the characters in the Twilight Saga are fictional I do not see any harm.

4. If you break any of these rules I will lock your story thread and contact you. I will give you the option of changing your story or deleting it. This is an open forum and anyone, any age can come by and read these. And we know there are lots of young Twilight fans out there.

Now, for some rules about creating stories.

I have been to many forums where they have a section for members to create a story together and I have found these to be the most fun. If you've never done something like this before, please read the rules and guidelines below to find out...

1. These are Twilight CHARACTER stories...again, no real life actor only their characters.

2. If you have an idea for a story post the title of such story in the subject along with what characters are up for grabs.

3. In your first post should be a description of the plot to such story. As well as which character you want to be paired with (if any at all) and what characters are available.

4. After you have 'casted' for your story make sure to change your original subject line and YOU must start the story.

5. After the story has been started and you were 'casted' in the story anyone may update the next 'chapter'. Please note: Only people are signed up for a story should be updating the story but it is open for everyone to read

6. You may be in more than one story if you are updating them...but if you are MIA for any story the creator has the right to re-cast you.

7. Any questions, please comment here. I will be creating an 'example' thread so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

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Fan Fiction Rules
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