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 Forum Rules

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Alpha / Sam
Alpha / Sam

Posts : 9394
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   29th September 2009, 1:44 am


Please read the following carefully...

1. Remain courteous and respectful to other users of the forum at all times. Playful kidding is acceptable.

2. It is fine to be critical of something Kiowa related, but please do not bash.

3. Do not post the same thing repeatedly (spamming.) This includes posting the same thing in multiple forums (cross posting.)

4. Never re-post something a moderator has deleted (in any forum.)

5. Post each topic in the most appropriate forum.

6. Please select a user name which is not considered distasteful. If we find this is the case, your username will be edited or removed.

7. Double logins (multiple accounts) are prohibited. However, it is okay for two or more members to share a computer.

8. Pretending to be another member or Kiowa is unacceptable. If we find you are posing as someone else, you will be warned and that account (with its posts) will be deleted.

9. You are prohibited from using these services to advertise commercial products or 'other' discussion forums. It is rude and will not be tolerated – no exceptions! No advertising of any kind is accepted in here.

10. This is an English language site and any post you make must be in English. You may use another language IF accompanied by the translation.

11. No trading of games, music, movies, software or hardware of any kind. Soliciting/selling is NOT allowed here, we are not E-bay.

12. All images must be suitable for family audiences and all age groups.

13. Admin/Mod decisions are final. We reserve the right to delete/edit any post as we see fit determined by these board rules. Polls and topics regarding Admin/Mod decisions will be deleted. Administrators and Moderators have the final say on ALL matters regarding anything and everything on this board.

14. If a conflict arises between yourself and another member, DO NOT discuss the conflict on the public forums – use PM, or better yet Email.

15. If a conflict arises due to these forum rules being broken, or you find someone has broken these rules, alert an Admin/Mod immediately!

16. If you have something to share but can't feel the need to share with the whole board do NOT bring it up and simply say "Sorry, can't say". If you don't have anything to say to everyone do not even START saying anything at all. It will NOT be tolerated, at all. First time will be a warning, second time may be an account suspension...and then hopefully you'll learn a lesson after that if not, I'm sorry - but you won't be welcome on the boards. Any question - PM me.

1. You may have up to two images in your signature, but all signatures should be reasonably sized. If your signature takes up the whole screen, you will be asked to edit it.

(For this forum the maximum accepted size is 550px wide and 500px height.)

2. Text is also allowed in signatures, however, it must be suitable for family audiences and age groups.

3. Accepted file types are gif, jpg, jpeg, png, psd.

4. Animated signature images are acceptable, but please keep animation to a minimum. Failure to do so will result in the image being edited.

1. Avatars must be NO WIDER than 100px. Any avatar larger than the maximum width will be removed, or edited.

2. Accepted file types are gif, jpg, jpeg, png.

Coming soon...the gallery is under construction at this point...but it will be coming soon.
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Alpha / Sam
Alpha / Sam

Posts : 9394
Join date : 2009-09-28
Age : 35
Location : Maryland

PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   12th December 2009, 8:21 pm

A new rule was added yesterday and I advise everyone to follow it. It, as you know, is something that really bothers me. And it won't be tolerated, at all - so please, make sure you read it. (You can't miss the addition)

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Forum Rules
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